Sep 10 2016

Next Meeting Topics

Desktop Systems 9:00-10:25 am
Mobile Systems 10:50-noon
This Month’s Topics

It's that time of year again - better come prepared with your ideas!

  • Time to select topics for our 2016-2017 meetings
    • Applications
    • Services
    • Operating systems
    • Hardware
    • Trends
    • Security
    • Whatever interests you!
  • Election of MVCUG Officers

New Meeting Feature

For a trial period, we are streaming our meetings over Facebook. Point your web browser* to

If you need a little more information on how to access our streaming media meeting, check it out here

Meeting Place

We meet in the Fairfield Inn near the Mall At Sierra Vista.

Web Site Design

How do you like this new design? Do you like it, hate it, have suggestions? Let us know - soonest. Give your suggestions to John, Barry, Mike, or Carolyn at the meeting, or you can email me at Webmaster-at-mvcug-dot-org (usual replacement rules apply).