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April 2019

Apr 13 2019

Meeting Location:Cochise County Service Center
Meeting Times:9:00 - Noon

The Mike and Barry Show

You and Social Media (Revisited)

There has been a lot of news lately about Facebook and privacy on the Internet. As a result there are a lot of questions about social networks and their privacy policies. What constitutes a social network? How are they monetized? Why use one? What are the privacy and security risks? Join Mike and Barry as they explore these and other questions so you can make better educated choices about joining and participating in social media.

As usual, we’ll have Q&A, tips of the month, computer lexicon term of the month, sharing of favorites, donuts, bagels, and coffee.

Every month’s meeting has the following recurring events. Sometimes they may even be in this order:

  • General Q&A
  • Club Business
  • Computer Lexicon Term of the Month
  • The main topic - see above
  • Tips of the Month (iOS, MacOS, Windows)
  • Sharing Favorites

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