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General Meeting Information

2019-2020 Meeting Topic Schedule

Meeting Date Topic Meeting Location
Oct 12 Optimizing Your Searches County Complex
Nov 9 Appleā€™s New Operating Systems County Complex
Dec 14 The Mike & Barry Show:
Basic OS Operations
County Complex
Jan 11 Cutting the Cable: The Time Has Come County Complex
Feb 8 The Mike & Barry Show:
Backup Strategies
County Complex
Mar 14 The Mike & Barry Show:
County Complex
Apr 11 Managing Your Digital Images & Video
with Apple Photos and Adobe Lightroom
County Complex
May 9 How Mobile Computing Devices
Affect Our Lives
County Complex
June 13 Security and Privacy County Complex
July 11 Collaboration County Complex
Aug 8 Has the Future Arrived? County Complex
Sep 12 Annual Members Meeting:
Elections & Topic Planning
County Complex

Monthly Agenda

Every month’s meeting has the following recurring events. Sometimes they may even be in this order:

  • General Q&A
  • Club Business
  • Computer Lexicon Term of the Month
  • Tips of the Month (iOS, macOS, Windows)
  • Sharing Favorites
  • The main topic - see above