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July 2019

MVCUG Meeting Notes

July 13, 2019

We had a fun meeting yesterday. Thanks to all who attended. The topic was “Home Automation, Part 2: Home Security.” You can read the description (if you haven’t already) on our website (until the webmaster updates it for the next meeting) or on our Facebook page.

We had an informative presentation from our president, John Buono, about the current state of home security from his experience using mostly Apple HomeKit compatible devices. He started by briefly reviewing Home Automation, Part 1 (presented on July 7, 2017) that covered lights, appliances, and the then new Apple Home app on iOS. Part 2 covered cameras, locks, outside lights, and remote operation/notification. Here’s a few related links to follow up with.

It would be impossible to convey the entire breadth of information and knowledge presented in our three-hour session. What remains to say here is to provide some notes on the other aspects of the morning’s presentation with some links for your further self-education.

Tips & Favorites

  • Using flags in email (John’s tip and how he uses flags)

Computer Lexicon Term(s) of the Month

A universal programing language, platform independent. Supposed to be savior of the computer. Never really caught on. Very slow. Used by a lot of Web developers for Applications.
JAVA updates only from Oracle only!
A scripting language used with web browsers to give the impression of an application.

We hope to see more of you next month on Saturday, August 10. The posted topic was going to be Augmented Reality, but John thinks it’s not really there yet, so watch your email, the website, and the Facebook group for the announcement of the new August topic.

Happy computing!

Barry “Bazza” Midgorden
Vice President (macOS)
Mountain View Computer Users Group
Sierra Vista, Arizona

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