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How to Access Our Streaming Video Meeting

 To watch the recorded live streams from our meetings, follow these steps:
  1. Point your web browser* to
  2. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so (yes, you must have a Facebook account in order to view content on Facebook <How To Sign Up For a Facebook Account>).
  3. If you don’t already see the part two video post, scroll down the timeline a bit until you see John’s posting of the meeting videos. There are two. Facebook has a 90-minute limit for live video, so the meeting’s stream was necessarily divided into two parts. Part two’s preview frame shows the screen with the words “Dealing with Spam.” Part one’s preview frame shows the screen with the words “The problem of attachments.” That’s the one to start with if you want to see the meeting from the beginning; click on the play arrow button in the middle of the preview frame square.
  4. Depending on your Internet speed, you may have to wait a bit until the video buffers enough to start playing. Be patient and wait. You will see a spinning circle in the middle of the video frame—now a black square. The video will start playing once the buffer is sufficient.
  5. After viewing part one, and you want to see part two, scroll up to that post and click on the play arrow in the middle of the preview frame square for part two.
 *A “web browser” is an application (or app) on your computer (or mobile device) that provides access to the Internet’s World Wide Web. The big four are Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (or Edge, if you are using Windows 10), Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Google’s Chrome. To “point your web browser” means to go to a specific web page on the Internet. This is accomplished either by using a bookmark or favorite you’ve saved in your web browser, typing the URL (web address) of the page into the browser’s address field, or by clicking on a hyperlink that takes you to that web page (like the one above).