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2013-2014 MVCUG Meetings

Prospective Meeting Topics

Meeting Date Topics Meeting Location
14 Sep Elect Club Officers and Topic Planning Fairfield Inn
12 Oct The Cloud – what is it, and why do we care? How does it affect us, and how can we use it? iOS7 – demo new capabilities, appearance, etc. Fairfield Inn
9 Nov Speech recognition and speaking: how has Text-to-Speech improved? Siri – How has it become better? Fairfield Inn
14 Dec Social Networking Social Networking Fairfield Inn
11 Jan iTunes and other audio presentation systems (e.g., Internet Radio) iTunes Fairfield Inn
8 Feb Cross Platform Sharing (formats, PDFs, etc.) Cross Platform Sharing Fairfield Inn
8 Mar Cross Platform Sharing II Cross Platform Sharing II Fairfield Inn
12 Apr ChromeCast and Amazon Fire TV ChromeCast and Amazon Fire TV Fairfield Inn
10 May More Word Processing More Word Processing Fairfield Inn
14 Jun Accessing media (TV, movies, etc.) Accessing media (TV, movies, etc.) Fairfield Inn
12 Jul Email (configurations, clients, syncing, etc.) Email (configurations, clients, syncing, etc.) Fairfield Inn
9 Aug E-mail: The Saga Continues E-mail: The Saga Continues Fairfield Inn
13 Sep Election of Officers and Topic Planning Fairfield Inn