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2014-2015 MVCUG Meetings

Prospective Meeting Topics

Meeting Date Topic Meeting Location
13 Sep Elect Club Officers and Topic Planning Fairfield Inn
11 Oct Using Your Web Browser
Optimizing Your Search
Using Different Search Engines
‣ Same search on Yahoo!, Google, & Bing
‣ Advanced searches using boolean terms
Fairfield Inn
8 Nov Defining “Smart Phone”
‣ Other Options
‣ VOIP, Pay-as-you-go, Burner Phones, etc.
‣ Internet vs. Cellular Networks
Other Options than Passwords
‣ Getting rid of your 14-character passwords
‣ Using Smart Cards (PIV) on devices
‣ Biometrics: finger prints, retina, DNA, etc.
Privacy Concerns: How Safe Are You?
Fairfield Inn
13 Dec Format Changes
‣ Changing File Formats
‣ NTFS/HFS+/Fat32
‣ Saving your data between versions
‣ What do you do?
Demo of Galileo
Apple Pay and the digital wallets
Larger mobile devices
Fairfield Inn
10 Jan Sharing data when attachments don’t work
‣ Dropbox
‣ Google drive
‣ iCloud Drive
Fairfield Inn
14 Feb Audio recording and conversion
‣ Moving files to a device
Converting VHS to Digital
‣ Ripping DVD
‣ is it legal
‣ how to do it
Fairfield Inn
14 Mar The Mike & Barry Show
‣ A special Pi (π) Day episode
‣ Photos on Your Computer
‣ Importing, organizing, editing, and sharing images
Fairfield Inn
11 Apr ‣ Yosemite Mac OSX 10.10 - Possible demo
‣ Windows 9 (?)
‣ Wearable devices
‣ Apple Watch Rumors: Fact or Fiction?
‣ How do you know?
‣ How do you tell?
Fairfield Inn
9 May 3D Printers - possible demo
What is on the horizon on output
‣ Screen-less display
Fairfield Inn
13 Jun Email
‣ Forwarding Messages
‣ Blind carbon copy (BCC)
‣ Read receipt
‣ etc.
Fairfield Inn
11 Jul Power conservation
‣ How to conserve your battery on
‣ Laptops
‣ Mobile devices
‣ Tablets
Connection standards: USB, Thunderbolt, Firewire
‣ USB - micro, mini, USB 2 and 3
Drives - Thumb drives, Disk, SSD
TownePlace Suites
8 Aug Cables and Drives - Continued
‣ USB - micro, mini, USB 2 and 3
Drives - Thumb drives, Disk, SSD
Fairfield Inn
12 Sep Elect Officers and Topic Planning Fairfield Inn