Meeting Topics 2016-2017

Date Desktop Systems
9.00am to 10.25am
Mobile Systems
10.35am to 12.00noon
10 Sep Elect Club Officers and Topic Planning Fairfield Inn
8 Oct Mike McClain will explain Search Engines Fairfield Inn
12 Nov Word Processing, the voyage continues (including using real-time collaboration vs. sharing) Fairfield Inn
10 Dec Application Use
• Reader Ware (RW) for media collections (books, music, and videos)
• Shopping apps (Safeway, Fry’s, CVS, Target)
Fairfield Inn
14 Jan Hardware - Carolyn
• USB Hubs
• Storage (internal hard drives, external hard drives, SSDs)
• Home Networking
County Complex
11 Feb Streaming Video Technology Alternatives to Cable/Satellite
• AppleTV
• Amazon Fire
• Roku
• From your mobile device (Chromecast, MyDish, DirectTV)
County Complex
11 Mar The Mike & Barry Show: Keeping your Mac/PC clean.
• MacOS: Clean My Mac 3 - Barry
• Windows 10: PC Decrapifier - Mike
County Complex
8 Apr How Safe is Your Data
• Data recovery
• Erasing your hard drive
• Deleting files
• Password protection
• Encrypting your data
• Social Media: are you vulnerable?
County Complex
13 May Backups
• Local (full, incremental, bootable, archive)
• Cloud
• Why and when?
County Complex
10 Jun The Mike & Barry Show (possibly): Security & Privacy County Complex
8 Jul Home Automation
• The Internet of Things (lights, thermostats, locks, video feeds)
• Apple HomeKit
• Amazon Echo
County Complex
12 Aug Video Editing on the Go
• iMovie
County Complex
9 Sep Elect Officers and Topic Planning County Complex